Persian Mauser K98/29 8mm Bolt Action rifle.  

Here we present a beautiful Mauser belonging to the scheduled (*) Czechoslovak supply of rifles to the Shah of Persia in the period from 1930 to 1938.

Produced by the CZ in Brno as a variant of the VZ-24 it was customized with the addition of the beautiful Emblem on the chamber depicting a lion crowned with the diadem of the royal family holding a scimitar, with a rising sun in background and characterized by lateral inscriptions in Persian language (Farsi), as well as the serial numbers, the year of production and the indication of the distances on the rear sight.

It is considered by collectors one of the most beautiful and precise bolt action rifles (the Americans consider it "the best"), which, having not been used in conflicts, preserves barrels in excellent condition, with tight space between grooves less than 7.90mm.

The bolt is excellent, with the serial not matching number with the weapon, made of steel and equipped with a straight handle and the classic mauser safe.

The internal magazine houses 5 ammunition, and it is equipped with a follower mounted on a Z-shaped spring that compresses towards the floor plate to which it is fixed.

The aiming system provides a tangent front sight with a V-shaped notch that slides upward from 1 to 20 hundred meters and an inverted V-shaped sight inserted between two side protections.

The stock, which has the same serial number as the rifle, is in oil finished walnut, it is intact and in excellent condition. It is coupled to the weapon with two bands machined from solid, one on the front, held in place by an interlocking spring, and one on the rear, fixed by a through threaded pin. It ends in the rear with a metal butt plate. The handguard is also attached to the front of the rear sight through a screw.

The rifle is equipped with 4 swivels for the sling, one on each of the two bands, one in the front of the trigger guard, and one under the butt.

The rifle is equipped with its cleaning rod, housed under the barrel.

The overall length of the rifle is 124 cm while the barrel measures 74 cm.

The rifle is dated 1938 and has some parts clear finished: the receiver, the bolt, the butt plate and the cleaning rod).

(*) Due to the 1938 German occupation of Czechoslovakia, the production was stopped and the scheduled deliveries were blocked.

Historical references


h4>The entire batch of Persian mausers was purchased by the US company SAMCO MIA FL which subsequently distributed them also in Europe.


CZ produced a rifle for Iran comparable to the G 98, called vz. 98/29 or 1930 model (1309 according to the Iiranian calendar).

This model was made in 1938

Data sheet



Total lenght:

1240 mm (48.19”)

Barrel lenght:

740mm (29,1”)

Magazine capacity:

5 rounds

Condition of the product


Collectible - Excellent condition

Product authenticity


The rifle is a variant of the long VZ-24 made by CZ for Persia in the period 1930-1938


Terms of gun sale by correspondence:

Pursuant to art. 17 of the L. n. 110/1975 the order by correspondence or by distance contract of weapons is allowed to the residents in the Italian State only if the purchaser provides for the withdrawal of the firearm at a license holder for the trade in guns (armory).

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M.98/29 Persian Mauser

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