About Us

The Full Metal Jacket gun-shop personality can be instantly perceived just looking at the store sign: a heavy lava slab from Etna glazed with the company logo by the excellence of Caltagirone master ceramic artists. An object of art that inspires solidity and bears witness to the bond with its territory which the owners Jola and Salvo have always cultivated, but also expresses the singularity of the gun shop, which certainly has no equal in Sicily.

The first Southern Italy collectible military weapons gun-shop

The Gun Store was set up on 2002, gambling on weapons expressing not only a mere technical content, but testimonies of an era and with precise and identifiable historical meaningThis undoubtedly winning choice has led the Full Metal Jacket to become a point of interest in the ex-ordinance and collectible weapons in Sicily and in the entire South of Italy, a landmark for Sicilians and obligatory destination for visiting Sicily collectors.

At the Full Metal Jacket you will find rare or hard-to-find weaponspurchased from leading collectors during the frequent trips abroad, and the most popular models able to interest both the novice and the expert connoisseur, as well the weapons whose value could be well expressed on the shooting range, where those in the best conditions can give considerable sporting satisfactions. Many people visit Caltagirone having the certainty to find something really interesting and fell the emotion to touch and hold so refined and full of historical importance objects. 

Full Metal Jacket is also one of the few shops in Sicily authorized for the sale of equipment for the law enforcemente agencies, Civil Protection Guards, Voluntary Associations as well as components and accessories for uniforms.

But not only...

Sport Shooting and Hunting: a particular attention is paid to the practice of shooting sports and hunting with a remarkable assortment of accessories and equipment selected for the practice of these activities, as well as the vast selection of ammunition, tools and accessories for their reload.

Since 2003 Full Metal Jacket produces and distributes the Gunny TE, plastic bullets made to reload ammunitions intented for reduced shooting, to be used in indoor practice and shooting training classes.

Air rifles and pistolsa whole store department is dedicated to free sale springer, CO2, PCA and PCP weapons, with a rich and wide selection of pellets, targets, field target accessories and a good variety of scopes and sighting optics. 

Archery: a corner of the shop is reserved to bows, crossbows, slingshots, blowguns and related accessories, homologated FITA targets, 3D visuals and spare parts.

Cutlery: also present an important blade assortment, including various kinds of knives that include an important selection of original knives from the past traditional manufacturers of Caltagirone.

Nature and Enviroment: Full Metal Jacket supports and promotes the combination between sport disciplines and natural environment care and takes part in the activities of the SRC (Shooting and Recreational Center) Sports Association, a structure located in Caltagirone that promotes and organizes shooting and training activities into an oasis of relaxation and fun, with safe shooting lines surrounded by green olive trees, meadows of grass and pleasant hedges, allperfectly in tune with the surrounding Sicilian countryside.

A place in wich it's possible to talk in a critical and constructive way about culture, technique and regulations. 


In an era in which it is increasingly difficult to find authoritative sources of information, the owners pay much attention to their quotidian professional and legal updating through the daily contact with legal advisors, trade associations and specialized magazines, stayng in touch with the best manufacture and customization of weapons and ammunition experts, so making the Full Metal Jacket the most representative place where to find the best qualified useful technical informatios: instead of "in my opinion..." the customer will get a reliable and well-founded answer.

Recently the company staff has enriched thanks to the contribution of Debora Petta, web communication and content management consultant.