1886 Italian short rifle Vetterli Model 1870 "Carabinieri Reali" caliber 10.35x47R mm. 

In September 1886 a special version of the Vetterli 1870 rifle, intermediate between the long infantry rifle and the short cavalry musket, was assigned to the Royal Carabinieri.

The rifle that we propose in this page is therefore one of the very first breech-loading rifles that armed the Italian military police (Carabinieri).

Produced in Brescia in 1886, the rifle has stock, bayonet and action matching serial numbers.

The action is single shot and the caliber is the 10.35 Italian Ordinance (10.35x47R).

On the cartridge chamber there are written "1886", "Brescia", the marking "P.P." (Exchangeable parts) and the serial number.

On the right the initials "RG in an oval" and the Savoy coat of arms. On the Vitali safety lever there are the initials "GT".

Equipped with a cruciform bayonet, also matching number, inserted upside down under the barrel which, for use, is embedded on the weapon with a handle clutch and locked by means of a rotating bezel.

The Vetterli bolt has two tenons closing on the back of the receiver, while the Vitali security moved forward locks the bolt handle, with firing pin blocked in the rear position, permitting the safe loading and control of the rifle. Safety is released to the rest position by lifting the bolt handle.

The ejection window is protected by a cover plate which, by rotating externally to the action, closes it completely, thus preventing dirt from entering inside during the battle.

The rear sight is adjustable from 275 to 1600 meters.

Historical references


Weapon from recovery in the Sicilian countryside, regularized and restored..


Very first production (1886) of the Italian short rifle for Carabinieri Reali (Royal Carabineers) mod., 1870.

in about 25,000 pieces.

Data sheet


Carabinieri Reali Vetterli Short rifle Mod. 1870 Cal. 10,35


10,35x47R mm

Total lenght:

1090 mm (46.26”)

Barrel lenght:

610 mm (24”)

Magazine capacity:

Single shot

Condition of the product


Collectible- Restored

Product authenticity


Strictly original, matching numbers


Terms of gun sale by correspondence:

Pursuant to art. 17 of the L. n. 110/1975 the order by correspondence or by distance contract of weapons is allowed to the residents in the Italian State only if the purchaser provides for the withdrawal of the firearm at a license holder for the trade in guns (armory).

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Vetterli Carabinieri Reali 1870

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