Portuguese Mauser Vergueiro 1904/39 DWM in cal. 8x57. 

Very interesting variant of the 1904/39 Mauser Vergueir, a military rifle prodced by DWM in early twentieth century.

The rifle belongs to the DWM German supply contract and its original caliber was the 6.5mm Vergueiro (M1904), until it was military refurbished and updates in 1939 to caliber 8mm Mauser (M1904/39) in the Arsenal Braço de Prata. In Lisbon the 1904s were totally disassembled and then renewed using every single part remained in arsenal.

The old "espingarda portoguesa" was updated and a new serial number was marked on the rifle parts, the barrel was shortened of about 13 cm, an air hole vent was created on the left side of the cartridge chamber. For the rest, the weapon remained the same, keeping the crest of Portugal's King Carlos I, emblazoned atop the receiver.

The rifle is in very good condition and all ts parts (as the stock and the bolt) match the serial numbers, except for the bolt lock lever.

The rifle has the fore-end shortened till to the barrel band and it hasn't the cleaning rod and the bayonet lug, maybe as results of a repair, or an attempt to transform the military rifle in a hunting rifle soon after it was imported into Germany in 1976.

There is a mild pitting on bottom of receiver and barrel, light wear on rifling.

A shooting test dated 1 April 1976, that means immediately after its importation in Germany and the testing at the Ulm Proof House, with three shots fired from 100 meters on a paper target depicting the heart of an antelope.

This M1904/39 Mauser-Vergueiro is a good rifle for every military collector.

Historical references


Rifle produced in Germany by DWM in Berlin and them modified by the Arsenal of Braço de Pratain Lisbon.

Data sheet


Rifle made by the Deutsche Waffen und Munitions fabriken of Berlin, for the 1905-1907 supply contract of about 100 thousand rifles for the Portuguese army, then modified in 1939 to adapt them to the new 8x57js adopted caliber.


8x57 mm / 7,92x57 mm

Overall lenght:

1100 mm / 43.3"

Barrel lenght

600 mm / 23.62"

Magazine capaciity:

5 rounds

Condition of the product


Collectible - Good

Product authenticity


All parts matching the serial number of the rifle except the bolt lock lever.


Terms of gun sale by correspondence:

Pursuant to art. 17 of the L. n. 110/1975 the order by correspondence or by distance contract of weapons is allowed to the residents in the Italian State only if the purchaser provides for the withdrawal of the firearm at a license holder for the trade in guns (armory).

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DWM M1904/39 - Mauser-Vergueiro

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